Recycle Your Sails
Tons of sails needlessly end up in landfills every year. Let us help you repurpose your old sails while working together to save the environment. Trade your old sail for a tote or duffel, order custom gear for your crew or yourself, or simply donate to the cause. You can drop your old sails off at our retail store in West Chatham, Massachusetts, call for pick-up, or send them and we will pay for shipping.
Custom Gear

Custom Gear

Turn memory-filled sails into unforgettable one-of-a-kind gear for family, crew, friends and corporate events. Send us your sails or select from what we have on hand. Our designs will incorporate existing numbers, logos, tell-tales, batten pockets, hardware and other special features of the sail. Personalize your selections with embroidery . . . names, numbers, logos...whatever. Call or email for details.
How We Got Started
One day two sisters came upon an old sail from their beloved family boat, a Mercer44 named Sea Fever. Pondering what to do with the sail, the sisters had a revelation. Handy with a pencil and shears, they created patterns and recycled the sail into jackets they still wear today. From that inspiration sprung Sea Fever Gear, dedicated to recycling authentic old sails into exciting new apparel, home decor and gear.